Shareaholic’s Failed Attempt at Revenue Sharing

shareaholic logo

I am unimpressed with Shareaholic’s attempt to start an affiliate program, and ‘unimpressed’ is putting it mildly. Shareaholic is a WordPress plugin that allows social sharing, following, social analytics and related content recommendations. Below are 2 screenshot examples of how Shareaholic shows up on a blog. I’ve used the Shareaholic plugin (aka Sexy Bookmarks) for […]

12 WordPress Security Tips


A reader asked for tips on how to secure his WordPress blog against hackers. After thinking about and listing all the things I do to keep my blogs secure, I did some online research to see where my actions fell short. Turned out that my blogs were well-protected, but I did adopt some additional security measures […]

The world’s largest consulting session?


I’ve been asked to sit in on what promises to break all records for the largest “group consulting” session ever conducted…and I want to invite you to sit in and benefit – free! It all takes place online, August 12-16. There will be five 2-hour daily sessions featuring eight experts in marketing and business…a […]