Ignore Them at Your Peril


Are you blogging day in and day out and still not earning enough to cover your hosting fees? There could be one really good reason for that — your content may not appeal to the visitors your blog attracts. For example, if you are blogging about ‘how to play guitar’ and targeting all the right […]

Merchants Leave Clues


Looking for a niche or a product to sell? Well, some merchants share clues about the type of niche markets that work best for affiliates. Here, for example is a partial email that I just received from CSN Stores: CSN Stores is merchant on the ShareaSale Network and comprises over 250 specialized online stores that […]

BizOp Market: NOT a Nice Niche


Are you a newbie thinking about starting the next great ‘make-a-million-online-overnight-at-home-while-you-sleep.com’ blog to rake in big bucks from the Internet marketing business opportunities niche? Think again!! PLEASE think again. I’ve had numerous discussions with my colleagues throughout the many years I’ve been involved in the Internet marketing space — and we’ve all talked about ditching […]

Cook Up Success with a Recipe Blog


If you browse around the internet, you’ll notice that people all over the world are blogging and making money doing it! These are people just like you; people with little experience, without a background in computer science, or a big bank account to dig into. They used programs like Google Blogger (blogger.com) or WordPress (WordPress.org) […]

DinerDave Does Market Research

Note from Ros: This is the 2nd in DinerDave’s series. Click here to read the first, Affiliate Site Case Study: Introducing Diner Dave In order to determine what content to put in the pages and posts of DinerDave.com I need to figure out what my target market is looking for on the search engines. Fortunately, […]

Free Entrepreneurial Strengths Survey

If anyone had told me that I was destined to become an entrepreneur with a highly successful online business, I would have scoffed at the notion. Being someone who hates to sell (and STILL hates to sell) I just didn’t see myself as a businessperson. As it was, I became an entrepreneur entirely by ACCIDENT […]