10 Reasons to Avoid Automated Blogging


I’ve recently come across so many misconceived notions (and outright lies) about automated blogging that I thought it best to share my white hat perspective on the subject. So, what is automated blogging? Also known as automatic blogging, autoblogging, splogging and scraping; automated blogging is the process of using software to “scrape” content from other […]

So NOT an Internet Marketing Guru


Seriously folks, I can’t believe what you’ll fall for in terms of ‘internet marketing’ gurus. Just because someone calls himself a ‘guru’ doesn’t make it so. And by the way, I have NEVER referred to myself as a ‘guru’ of any sort. For the past decade and a half, I have been a student of […]

The Death of Bum Marketing


I think it is very likely that what has become known as Bum Marketing is doomed to die a dismal death in the near future. What is Bum Marketing? Bum Marketing is a strategy used to generate affiliate commissions through distribution of articles written specifically to rank highly for low-competition keywords. The method was promoted […]

Rich 16 Year Old Girl: Don’t Buy – Don’t Promote


I’m probably going to take some heat for this, but this so-called affiliate marketing program training offer was driving me completely nuts (because it is SUCH a scam), that had to make the accompanying video while wearing my jester hat again. Basically, it’s about the the “Rich 16 Year Old Girl’s” affiliate marketing training program […]