So NOT an Internet Marketing Guru


Seriously folks, I can’t believe what you’ll fall for in terms of ‘internet marketing’ gurus. Just because someone calls himself a ‘guru’ doesn’t make it so. And by the way, I have NEVER referred to myself as a ‘guru’ of any sort. For the past decade and a half, I have been a student of […]

The Death of Bum Marketing


I think it is very likely that what has become known as Bum Marketing is doomed to die a dismal death in the near future. What is Bum Marketing? Bum Marketing is a strategy used to generate affiliate commissions through distribution of articles written specifically to rank highly for low-competition keywords. The method was promoted […]

Rich 16 Year Old Girl: Don’t Buy – Don’t Promote


I’m probably going to take some heat for this, but this so-called affiliate marketing program training offer was driving me completely nuts (because it is SUCH a scam), that had to make the accompanying video while wearing my jester hat again. Basically, it’s about the the “Rich 16 Year Old Girl’s” affiliate marketing training program […]

Email Scam: Urgent Request from a “Friend”

Have you come across the “urgent request from a friend” money-making email scam? Well, someone is making money with these ones, but it won’t be you. You could lose money if you’re not careful. The way it works is you receive an email that originates from the real email address of a real friend of […]