The Best Day of the Week to Send Email


In response to the ‘How often should I post to my blog?‘ article, John A. asked: how did you decide to send out notifications on Tuesday, rather than, say, a Saturday or Sunday, when logic says more people would be at home? That is such a great question and the answer is pretty simple. The […]

How Too Much Automation Annoys Your Twitter Followers


When it comes to social media sharing, following and/or marketing, I’m not a big fan of Twitter and rarely login to my Twitter account. As someone who enjoys writing for the purpose of sharing information and to entertain, Twitter’s 140 character limit leaves me somewhat cold… and quite frankly, despite being Canadian born and bred, […]

How to Put Your Local Business on Google+ and Maps

Google Business Listing Map

As a local business owner, it’s not enough for your website to be listed in Google’s natural search results. It must also show up in Google’s business listings which are available through Search, Maps and Google+. My friend Jo Gagné recently asked for my help to increase traffic to her business website, (BOP). Bodies […]

Anti-Spam Legislation for those with Clients in Canada


You don’t have to be IN Canada to be subject to Canada’s new anti-spam legislation (Bill C28), which is going into effect one month from now, on July 1, 2014. The bill includes a “private right of action that will allow Canadian consumers and businesses to take civil action against those who violate the legislation”.[12] […]

Using LinkedIn To Promote Your Small Business


LinkedIn is not solely for large businesses. Small businesses are also able to use LinkedIn to increase exposure, gain new clients, and find employees. The majority of small businesses are already using social media to increase their visibility on the web. While LinkedIn does have several paid services like premium profiles, and job postings, there […]