How to Find Highly Profitable Keywords Using Google Suggest and Yahoo Answers

Keywords play a major role in Search Engine Optimization. Generally people choose 2 kinds of keywords while optimizing a site. They are: High competition – highly profitable keywords. Low competition – highly profitable keywords. Generally it takes couple of weeks to months to get ranked for high competition – highly profitable keywords as the competition […]

Keyword Research Tools that Make My Short List

Confused about all the keyword research tool and service options available to you? No small wonder — it seems like there is a new piece of keyword research software or a new service on the market every other day. So, I’m going to help make choosing the right market research (or PPC campaign helper) simpler […]

KeywordSpy: Mini Review

How would you like to spy on your affiliate competitors? KeywordSpy really does spy on top affiliate marketers and then gives you a list of all the keywords that make money for them. So you can let all those smart Super Affiliates do the hard work of researching and testing to find the most lucrative […]

Keyword Tools: Google vs. Wordtracker

In response to Q and A: Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing, Joe asked “Doesn’t Google Adwords keyword tool give you the same info regarding number of searches as wordtracker? What’s wordtracker’s advantage that you don’t get with Google?” Those are good questions to ask, especially when you might be thinking about buying a subscription […]

Conversion Tracking Basics for PPC Affiliates

Ever wondered which keywords in your Google Adwords campaign were making the most sales? Do you know how to track your conversions? No? Then read this article! In response to the “Q and A: Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing” article, Carol asked a VERY good question… “How can you determine the conversions when you […]

Q and A: Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing

Curious about pay per click search engine marketing? Here are some of the most common questions that I regularly answer on the topic: What is Pay-Per-Click Advertising? Does Pay-Per-Click Advertising Really Work? Should I Bid the Top Spot? How Many Keywords Do I Need? Where Do I Find Merchant Keyword Lists? How Do I Do […]