Changes to the Google Adwords Interface

I’ve been using the new Google Adwords interface for almost 2 weeks now and it’s SUCH an improvement over the old one! If your account hasn’t yet been updated to the beta version of this interface, the key new features include: New campaign and ad group creation workflow: The old signup wizards are gone. Now […]

MIVA Acquired by Adknowledge

I received the following announcement from MIVA Media on March 13th, announcing their acquisition by Adknowledge. For those of you that don’t use MIVA pay per click advertising, or have heard that it’s a waste of time — read my comments at the end of the announcement… Dear Advertiser, We are emailing today with important […]

Paying $5.77 Per Click — Is He NUTS?

I spy with my little eye and see a Clickbank affiliate paying $4.01 per click to promote a product via a direct-link from the top spot in Google Adwords on a term that shows an average of 5,400 searches per month. He’s also paying $2.52 for another keyword phrase with that gets 6,000 searches per […]

How and Why PPC Search Affiliates are Changing Direction

I cheered inwardly during our “Super Affiliate PPC Marketing Strategies” session at Affiliate Summit, when Amit Mehta stated that he would eventually focus primarily on creating content or ‘authority sites’, adding that is what all search affiliates should consider doing. The other day I cheered aloud after reading Jeremy Palmer’s latest newsletter in which he […]

Losing Money on Your PPC Campaigns?

Here’s a pay-per-click question posted by Steve that I think many NPT readers can relate to… Dear Rosalind, I purchased the Super Affiliate Handbook about 10 months ago and have been really applying myself with several affiliate offers. Your book was so helpful, and I have gone from having no clue about how to build […]