New York to Ban Sales of eCigarettes?


I can’t believe this. Just got this email from my Green Smoke merchant… Dear Green Smoke Affiliate, On Tuesday, January 25, the New York State Assembly Health Committee is scheduled to discuss proposed bill A01468, which would outlaw the sales of electronic cigarettes in New York State. We are strongly against a statewide ban, as […]

Canadian Affiliate Marketers: Did You File GST on Those Commissions?


Now that we’re 2 weeks past tax day in Canada (April 30th), I thought I’d write about an issue that directly affects Canadian affiliates and online merchants. So, be warned – for the purposes of this post the spelling may seem a little weird, like ‘cheque’ and ‘humour’ and I might even have to throw […]

Make More from Your Merchant Affiliations

Ed is the guy who will spend hours researching and analyzing product listings on eBay, Amazon and other independent online merchants to get the best deals. He proudly announces his ‘wins’ whenever he buys something on eBay for $24 that sells in town for $79. He’s equally proud when he saves just 5 bucks. To […]

Amazon Associates Integrates with Google Blogger

Amazon just announced that they’ve integrated their Associates program with Google Blogger accounts. The post, “Amazon Associates and Google Blogger Now Integrated” reads: Today we are excited to announce Amazon Associates for Blogger, a direct integration between Amazon Associates and Blogger. This new collaboration enables Bloggers to monetize their content by adding relevant Amazon products […]