How to Trounce Your Competitors and Climb to the Top of Google


I’d like to start by sharing a backlinking strategy that works even after Google Panda and Penguin updates, but before that there are some vital things that you must pay attention to. As we all know, building links in a natural manner is more important than ever, right? So below are a couple of things […]

A “CataBlog” Could Be Your Key To Affiliate Profits


Article courtesy guest blogger Alan Bechtold, one of my favorite people in online publishing and Internet marketing. Here’s a unique way to sell all kinds of affiliate products on a blog and provide valuable information to your readers that will leave them eager to tell everyone they know about you. You’ll build a profitable business […]

Local Business Websites: Monetizing the Beauty Salon Site

Make Money Online

In this third and last video about the beauty salon, I discuss basic affiliate marketing techniques that can be used to make money from the website — from those who will never visit the local area. You’ll see my suggestions for incorporating Google Adsense, as well as how to search the Commission Junction affiliate network […]

Local Business Websites: Beauty Salon Marketing


In the original Local Business Websites: Beauty Salon video, I discussed ways the Heiress Salon could improve the look and functionality of their website, by turning it into a blog and using a professional StudioPress theme. In today’s video, we look at their existing marketing efforts and make suggestions on how it could be enhanced […]

Local Business Websites: Beauty Salon


Today I profile the local business blog of Heiress Salon, a beauty salon and boutique owned and operated by Lindsay Ellis of Penticton, British Columbia. This is my favorite (and IMHO, the best) hair salon in town, but their website does not do the place justice. This is Part 1, in which I review only […]