Diner Dave Works His Email Marketing Plan

After 1 month of prep time, DinerDave.com has content and, thanks to Juscott Media, a fantastic new look! My next order of business is to build up my subscriber base so I can start sending out articles and promoting my merchant programs in the Diner Dave Digest e-newsletter (using AWeber of course). Obviously, the best […]

Recommended Autoresponder Services

Research has shown that the average person needs to be exposed to an ad at least 7 times (and often many more) before they will buy a product. You therefore need to remind visitors to come BACK to your site, making an autoresponder service essential for your online business. Below I’ve listed those autoresponder services […]

Aweber Autoresponder Review

“… still the best autoresponder service available – bar none.” If you’ve been searching for a service that will let you build a list of subscribers, deliver auto-response messages and send broadcast news to those subscribers, then you already know that there are many different options from which to choose. You may be finding it […]

Traffic Generation Then and Now

NPT reader Sean wrote this week to ask me a whole bunch of questions about how I was able to get traffic to my websites to the extent that I was able to ‘crack’ the $100,000 earnings level. Because I reached that level back in 1999, and my traffic generation strategies have changed considerably over […]