Train Your Affiliate Managers Better


So, the other day I receive the following comment on my blog from an affiliate manager asking me to participate in a launch. Note: Identifying comments, names, etc. have been removed. Hi owner, My name is ____ and I am ____’s affiliate manager for his _____ Formula. ( ___ told me to contact you […]

Does the Merchant Site Pass this Super Affiliate Test?

How do you convince Super Affiliates to promote your products? Wooing a Super Affiliate over drinks and dinner with offers of significantly higher-than-advertised commission rates and exclusive landing pages will definitely get their attention. And showering them with free product samples (especially if they’re expensive) is fairly effective too. However, wining and dining alone will […]

How to Start Your Own Affiliate Program

Thinking about starting your own affiliate program to promote your products online? Good for you! Having your own affiliate program is the best possible way to ramp up site traffic and increase product sales without breaking your marketing budget, as affiliates are paid on a pay-for-performance basis. But before you rush into affiliate marketing as […]